Weapon lights have steadily grown in power and range to an astronomical level. Rein is putting out lights capable of 1,500 lumens and one gazillion candela. Those numbers might be slightly exaggerated, but the lights are getting brighter. What if I pitched you a 20 lumen light? Would you be a fan of it? Likely not, but what if I told it was a micro torch designed as to a backup light? It’s also cheap and made by a reputable company? If that perked your ears up, then the Mission First Tactical Torch Backup Light might be for you.

MFT Torch Backup Light In Living Color

The Torch Backup is a micro-sized light that resembles a tactical turtle. It’s tiny, just slightly bigger than the battery that powers it. It comes ready to attach to a standard Picatinny rail; it attaches with ease. The little light has two LEDs that cast 20 lumens of white light; red light models are also an option.

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It’s a single button control that flips the light on or off. The battery compartment is evident and swapping batteries does not require moving the light from the mounted platform. It’s very simple, reliable, and easy to use.


Why does the Torch Backup Light exist? Well, sometimes you don’t need those 1,500 lumens for a task. For example, maybe you are just searching a room, navigating, or need light for an admin task of any kind. The little Torch Backup light is perfect for that task. Additionally, it allows a certain degree of stealth when your light isn’t shining a mighty 1,500 lumens.

At night I would have loved this light for crossing canals and rivers in Afghanistan. Doing it in the dark often left me wet and bruised from a failed jump. Also, navigating compounds at night would have been much easier with a small white light. You can detach the light easily enough, but a QD design would make it incredibly handy for multi-use roles.

Is the Torch Backup Light Any Good

The little light might only pack 20 lumens, but it’s surprisingly bright, and the candela is impressive enough to cast the light across the room. I was surprised. A multitude of models exist, and the red/white light would be the handiest combination for tactical tasks. Red light tends to preserve night vision a bit better.

From a durability perspective, this little light is rather rugged for its simple design. I splashed it, dropped it, tossed it, and even let a three-year-old play with it, yet it still works. Even grape jelly-covered hands couldn’t break it. The little Torch Backup won’t replace a main WML, but it’s handy. With attachments for helmets and MOLLE, it can be moved off a weapon and used elsewhere.

The little Mission First Tactical Torch Back Up Light is an impressive little light that serves an interesting purpose. It’s a useful backup or can be used for situations in which you don’t need the full power of a weapon light. I think an added QD switch would make it perfect for quick removal for handheld use, but maybe that’ll be reserved for the Gen 2. However, at its low price point, it’s tough to hate on. Check it out and let us know what you think.