Gun tests are everywhere. It seems that for every make and model there is a report of amazing results, especially if it’s in a pay-for-play magazine or YouTube channel. Countering them are often dozens of e-experts who claim the most terrible experiences ever not recorded. The truth is they could very likely all be true.

No matter who you are or what is your background and experience the fact is that most modern firearms and ammunition are likely more accurate than you. Our ability to control variables is what can make or break our range visit.

Having tested over 100 firearms in the past year and nearly 100 different loads of ammunition we at GBGuns got a little complacent and it showed in our results. Wanting to see if the American Tactical Omni Maxx Hybrid was accurate we set out to the range with three different types of ammunition. What made the Omni Maxx interesting is that both its upper and lower parts are made of polymer. ATI recognized the potential positives and negatives in this design and so wisely reinforced select areas with either thicker polymer or steel. This ideally eliminates the weak points of other polymer AR15s. Our question was will the polymer flex to the point of sacrificing accuracy?

What kind of accuracy can be expected from a budget AR with a 16″ barrel? I’d argue excellent accuracy, but the shooter, ammo, and conditions have to do their part.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

High-end triggers and rests can help by eliminating some of the human error, but only if the shooter is capable of taking advantage of them. Match ammo can also make a small difference. Several small factors all combine to make or break your shot.  This is why the Ransom Rest and test barrels exist, but we find them to not represent practical accuracy. What you see below are the results of an imperfect test.

The moral of the story is that we will try again. There are good range days and bad range days. The above video was filmed on a bad range day. Part of the joy of shooting is the satisfaction that comes from perfectly executed self-discipline. When we fail it makes for good training. Recognize your shortcomings and give it another go.  After all, reported accuracy makes no difference to you if you can’t perform well enough to utilize it.

We will revisit this test in the future and try to give this rifle and the Wolf, Fiocchi, and Ted Nugent ammunition better representation.


This article was originally published in July 2018. It has been edited for republication.