I was issued a Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling near the end of my active duty tour. My unit was seemingly one of the first to adopt this new two-point sling, and we quickly ditched those crappy old three-point slings. To this day, almost ten years later, I still have that BFG Vickers sling and still use it. As you’d imagine, I’m a fan and have since outfitted most of my weapons with some form of Blue Force Gear Vickers sling.  It’s the ultimate AR-15 sling

Blue Force Gear is an American company dedicated to making the best gear on the planet. From slings to grenade launcher holsters, they make a bit of everything. The Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Application Sling is likely what they are most well known for. They make a wide variety of different Vickers Sling configurations for just about every use, and as a Vickers Sling fanboy, I have almost all of them.

The Vickers Sling Rundown

The Standard
The Standard Vickers sling makes up the base for every sling after it. This highly adjustable sling allows it to be fitted for those wearing armor and for those not wearing armor. Proper sling fit is a big deal, and the standard can fit everyone from Mighty Mouse to the Jolly Green Giant.

The Combat Application Sling features a pull tab that allows you to instantly tighten or loosen the sling on demand—the reason why is simple. If you need to use your hands and carry your long gun, you can tighten it to the point where it can safely hang, and you can accomplish your task. This is my M16A5 wannabe build I used an 80 lower receiver for. When you need maximum mobility grip and rip the tab and boom, it instantly loosens and provides the mobility you need for combat shooting.

The One
The One sling is the exact same as the standard Vickers sling. However, they trimmed a quarter-inch of width off of the sling. This makes the One sling lighter and thinner. It makes it better suited for lightweight submachine guns and Bugout Blasters.

The AK Variant
The AK Vickers sling allows you to use a modern sling on a rather old weapon. Old, but still capable. The AK sling is similar to the standard model. However, it comes with a U Loop attachment for easy mounting the nearly any AK. The rear os the sling has two tri-glides that allow the user to mount the sling on standard wood, folding, or even under folding stocks.

The Padded Variant
Got a heavier duty weapon? Well, the padded variant is for you. This variant adds a heavy-duty pad to conform the sling to your body and increase comfort when carrying a heavier weapon. I like one on my Benelli M4 and find it to be incredibly comfortable.

The Sling King

The Vickers Sling has been issued to over 200,000 military members. It is a favorite of the United States Marine Corps. The designer is Larry Vickers, a former Delta Force commando, and current firearms instructor and firearms subject expert. He knows his stuff and the Vickers sling makes that very apparent. The Vicker Combat Applications Sling is one of the best, if not the best, modern long gun sling.

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