Blue Force Gear has released a specialty sling for the holidays, the ULTRA-Lightweight Vickers One Sling. This new sling is a limited quantity release and is available until sold out. MSRP is $49.

The Vickers Ultra-Lightweight One Sling was originally spec-ed out by Blue Force Gear’s CEO as part of a project to build the lightest possible, but still fully battle-capable AR Carbine. Every component of the sling and rifle, featured in Vickers Guide AR15 Volume II, was selected to provide the best possible functionality in the lightest conceivable package.

Blue Force Gear started with their Vickers One webbing and hardware which is 20% lighter than their Standard Vickers Sling. Then they added a 1” ULoop sling attachment point is sewn to the front allowing the Sling to be silently attached to nearly any eyelet, cooling vent, modular rail, or sling loop without the need for additional mounting hardware.

To further reduce weight, the Sling uses a unique method of attachment to the buttstock where a simple, folded over tab is pushed through the Sling webbing slot on the buttstock locking it securely in place. A spare Tri-Glide buckle is included to allow for other attachment methods or to completely lock the tab in place.

So lighten your sleigh this Chrismas with Blue Force Gear’s lightest sing EVER. Purchase HERE.

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room