Damn it if you aren’t the most interesting man in the world. You’ve read every book worth reading. Own every piece of workout gear you could imagine. Outdoors stuff? You’ve got one for yourself and one to lend out. Booze? The bar cart overfloweth.

Great job, bud. But they still need gift ideas, and you still need cool stuff. This Father’s Day, it’s time to get creative so they aren’t stumped. Think outside the box. What do you actually need? What about a silicone wedding ring for working outside? Basics like socks or a mug built to last? An upgrade to your meat game? Or even a gift card for something really cool? Here are our favorite gifts they’ll never think of and you’ll be happy you nudged them in the right direction.


Silicone wedding ring

Ever heard of an avulsion injury? No need to google-image search it, or worry about it at all — as long as you’re not wearing your regular wedding ring while working out, working outside, or enjoying the outdoors. QALO’s silicone rings come in every color and style, from plain old black to tye-dye to camo. They look great, they’re worn by famous athletes (LeBron, Dale Earnhardt Jr.), hunters (Eva Shockey), and musicians (Jason Aldean). And, most importantly, they won’t rip the muscle and skin from your ring finger bone.

Qalo: $20+


VSSL First Aid 2.0

First Aid Kit

Of course you’ve got first aid covered. Your kit is filled with every bandage, antiseptic, and scissor type you’ll ever need. Get something more efficient. VSSL’s whole deal is packaging things up well. Their second implementation of first aid kit fits a ton in an easy-to-bring-along military-grade aluminum tube. It includes: tweezers, all sorts of bandages, an LED light, duct tape, aspirin, burn cream, and not one but two thermometers.

Loadout Room: $125


A Bottle of Aberlour 16 from ReserveBar

Single Malt Scotch

Getting out to the liquor store is a hassle, especially now. But that doesn’t mean you’re drinking any less. You’ve got the standards — vodka martini, bourbon on the rocks, tequila for when shit needs to get crazy — now ask them for a special treat from the Scottish Speyside region. Aberlour 16 is a sweet spot whisky, with all the complexity that 16 years in a bourbon barrel brings and all the smooth sip-ability of the best drams. Sip it slow. You deserve it.

Reserve Bar: $85

Farm to Feet Socks

great gift

Repeat after me: It is not lame to ask for gift socks. Especially this two-pair set made of American-grown merino wool. They’re made to last, with full cushion and a seamless toe closure for comfort. Check out the company’s Tactical line for some kickass extended crew sock options that combine heavy-duty durability with lightweight, technical fibers.

Farm to Feet: $20+


Loadout Room Gift Card

Gifts for the guy who has everything

When you’re really stuck don’t sleep on the gift card. This one from the Loadout Room is perfect. They don’t have to think too hard, and you get to choose from a huge variety of gun, survival, outdoors, emergency prep, and apparel gear.

Loadout Room: $75+

Omaha Steaks

best gifts for father's day

This might be the ultimate gift. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, after all. Omaha Steaks knows this; they’ve been at the mail-order steak game since 1917. The Simon family still run the show since the company’s creation. They source their meat from the best, period. So ask for the classics (porterhouse, bone-in) and something new to throw on the grill (Flat Iron, anyone?). Oh, and don’t forget to tell the family that yes, they can have some too. 

Shop Omaha Steaks

MODL Complete Utility Bottle

Great Father's Day Gifts

Think your hydro can’t be streamlined? Fool. MODL utility bottle is a 1.1-liter food-grade silicone bottle that you can convert easily into a hands-free bottle, traditional water, shower, or a water filter. It’s dishwasher safe, and its removable end caps mean you’ll never struggle to wash it, either.

Loadout Room: $95

Revo X Panthera Sunglasses

gifts for the guy who has everything

Lightweight, impact-resistant lenses with six layers (oil-repelling, mirror, polarized, sun, back-reflection, water-repelling) of anti-reflective coating? Check. Tough, good-looking polymer frames? Check. A company with a background in NASA engineering? Checkmate. They won’t be your last pair of sunglasses, but they will be the ones you reach for the most.

Loadout Room: $159

Yeti Rambler Elements Mug

Father's Day Gifts

You lost the cap to your old mug, and besides, it smells like feet anyway. Your next one should be build to last, like the Rambler Elements series. Each one (from 14-ounce mug to 36-ounce bottle) is double insulated, dishwasher safe, oleophobic, and UV protected. In other words, it’s a tad tougher than you. Just don’t lose it.

Yeti: $30+

SOFREP TeamRoom Subscription

Like what you see? Why not ask for the gift that keeps on giving. Annual subscribers to the TeamRoom get full access to all SOFREP stories, plus the TeamRoom’s award-winning military documentaries, SPEC OPS training footage and war stories, forums and community chats, podcasts, and exclusive interviews.


Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Meat Smoker

Your grill game is strong. But a smoker? Now we’re talking. This one from Masterbuilt is the perfect starter. It’s electric with three smoking racks and variable temperature control. It’s got all the firepower you need to make a whole pork butt, and it’s simple to use, so you can play and learn. 

Amazon: $190

Weber Grill N Spray

Great Grilling accessory

Okay, so grill spray isn’t the sexiest Father’s Day gift you’ve ever received. But the look on their faces when they see those perfectly seared burgers? Priceless. Weber knows grilling and their spray is better than the competition: It keeps meat and veggies from sticking, doesn’t affect flavor, and doesn’t cause flare-ups when you spray it. Your eyebrows will thank you.

Orvis Schools Gift Card

Father's Day Gifts

You may have all the hunting and fishing gear he needs, but knowledge is priceless. You’ve got the perfect five-weight fast-action rod — now learn to cast it perfectly. Ditto that 12-gauge you keep missing with. Orvis’s instructional schools are some of the best in the U.S., with top-notch instructors and real field experience, and they’re located all around the country.

Orvis: $25 – $2000

BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass

Bar ware

Upgrade his barware with something a little different. The father-son team at BenShot blow their glass themselves in rural Wisconsin. Its “bulletproof” design features a .308 bullet (don’t worry, there’s no lead involved) that your friends will love in their Old Fashioned. It’s the perfect loadout for getting loaded.

Amazon: $20

Garmin BC30 Wireless Backup Camera

Back Up Camera

Backup cameras are one of the sweet perks of a new vehicle. But what if your truck is old? Garmin’s wireless camera is a simple, affordable upgrade that works well when you’ve got too much gear in the bed for your own good. Its feed displays right on your Garmin navigator, and you can toggle back and forth between it and your navigation feed. And installing it yourself is part of the fun — if you want it.

Amazon: $148