In any aspect of life, disorganization breeds chaos.  Having to scramble to find something under austere circumstances only augments that time-honored adage.  The T3 Medical Backpack tries to intuitively lay out the medic’s equipment in hopes that they or their teammates can effectively access and employ life-saving materials without wasting time looking for items.

The Pack is generously covered with MOLLE real estate for attaching quick access items such as tourniquets, shears or tear away IFAKs.  The front also features a zippered full-length pocket to access other items quickly or to stow SAMI splints.  

Trident Tactical T3 Medical Backpack: Designed to the exacting standards of Special Forces medics

Upon opening the T3 Medical Backpack, the user is presented with the top portion that features a tear away panel that is stitched with multiple elastic retention loops. These loops are perfect for tubing, SHARPS containers, needles, instruments, and injectable meds. The bottom portion that showcases 5 variable sized pouches that are colored-coded. I have placed a 32oz Nalgene bottle beside the images for scale. These pouches can be filled with Airway Management, Hemorrhage Control, Fluid resuscitation, Burn, Pain Management, etc… To me, the color coding is an added bonus.  “Give me the Cricothyrotomy kit” can now be replaced with hand me the “blue bag.”

Trident Tactical T3 Medical Backpack: Designed to the exacting standards of Special Forces medics

Two interesting features,  that were alluring to the 18Ds that I solicited for advice, were the IV BAG storage compartments and the chest tube sheaths.  Behind the 5 removable pouches, there is a zippered compartment that runs the length on the bag itself. Inside are three divided chambers that are perfectly sized for three 500-1000ml IV bags with starters.  The second feature was that on the top portion on the left and right flanks of the pack, there are ports where chest tubes can be sheathed. This feature forgoes strapping the elongated tube to the outside of the pack or taking up valuable real estate within the pack itself.

The pack also came with an all MOLLE panel. The user would be able to customize their loadout as well as alter their mission dependent gear.  There is a place to put a hydration bladder as well as auxiliary straps to be used in order to hang the bag inside a vehicle. I am tinkering with the idea of modifying the pack to be a compact, lightweight SATCOM radio bag that features an amplified Inter-squad radio, tough book computer, and a smaller deployable SAT Antenna ( follow-up to come).

Specifications (courtesy of Trident Tactical):

  • 500D Cordura
  • 21”x11”x4”
  • 4lbs 11.25oz

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Author – Ross R. is currently serving in the US Military Special Operations community.