COVID 19 and the civil unrest in 2020 have caused a gun-buying spree unlike any other. At this point in time, ammo is all but gone, and when you can find it, prices are insanely high. For those of us sitting on a hefty ammo stash, the last thing we want to do is chew through it without a suitable means of replenishing it. However, training should never cease. Therefore, many of us are turning to dry fire. Today, we will review the TRT training device, which is one of the most affordable dry fire training devices out there. 

What the Heck is TRT

The TRT Tap, Rack, Dry Fire Training aids are produced and designed by Bill Rogers of the Roger’s Shooting School. Bill Rogers is a famed firearms instructor and world champion IPSC shooter. He currently runs a shooting school outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The man knows how to teach and better yet knows how to train. While many modern dry fire training devices are high tech and quite lovely, the TRT devices are ridiculously low tech. 

Train, Train, Train.

They are small pieces of polymer, just big enough to squeeze into a pistol of rifle magazine. They are produced for 9mm, 40 S&W, 357 SIG, and 45 ACP handguns; variants for the AR 15 exist as well. 

These devices are perfect for practicing both reloads and malfunction drills. Typically I use dummy rounds for both of those tasks. The downside of using dummy ammo is that it can be quite annoying to continually eject, collect, and refill your magazines. Without dummy ammo, we can’t send the bolt home or slide forward without deviating from practical use. 

Practical and Tactical

The TRT Tap, Rack, Dry Fire training aid is a superbly affordable option that adds a new degree of realism to your training. These devices are straightforward. I purchased both the AR 15 and 9mm/40 S&W variants to test and review. At less than ten bucks each, the investment was minimal. You get three per order so you can outfit multiple magazines. 

Using the devices are easy; they insert into the magazine as a cartridge would. They pin down the follower, and this prevents the bolt lock or slide from locking to the rear when the empty magazine is in place. This allows a shooter to practice reloads and work the charging handle and slide as they are meant to function.

Prior to these devices, the only way I knew to train realistically was with dummy ammo. But, as I pointed out before, it gets real old ejecting and collecting dummy rounds to continue your training.

The TRT devices are very simple but effective. They allow you to squeeze more training into less time and thus maximizing your efficiency. 

Function and Fit

The TRT Tap, Rack, Dry Fire Training Devices are quick and easy to install and remove. I’ve been doing a lot of practice while indoors as the ammo shortage is in full effect, and it’s constantly raining outside. My rifle of choice is currently the BRN 180 on a complete Aero lower. My handgun of choice varies, but the Glock 17 is the current go-to. 

Lots of companies make AR 15 magazines, so I’ve tested the TRT Tap, Rack, Dry Fire Training Devices in various magazines to ensure proper function across the spectrum of AR magazines. The TRT 5.56 training device worked in classic aluminum magazines, Troy mags, Magpul Pmags, Lancers, Hexmags, ETS mags, and even CAA magazines. They fit and function without issue or difficulty in any magazine. 

As far as the 9mm models go, the devices are more projectile shaped and fit in Glock, CZ, Walther, 1911, Taurus, and many more. Out of curiosity, I tried CZ Scorpion magazines, and while they look awkward, they function. The same goes for Colt SMG mags and in custom 80% lowers

The TRT training devices are well worth the money — even outside of an ammo drought. These handy and effective tools are small enough to be stashed into an AR15 gun case, so they don’t get lost. They are perfect for warming up before a range day or practicing a specific drill before going live. 

If you are serious about keeping your skills sharp at a time where ammo is rare and ranges closed, the TRT devices are a perfect companion. They are an outstanding investment and worth every penny.