Amidst the devastation of the ongoing war in Ukraine, a glimmer of innovation emerges from an unlikely source: a team of Ukrainian engineers working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)… and it looks like something straight out of a Batman movie.

Their brainchild, a revolutionary submarine dubbed Kronos, has sent ripples through the world of naval warfare, raising questions about the future of underwater combat and potentially tipping the scales in the Black Sea.

Kronos Submarine: A Design Unlike Any Other

Highland Systems, the UAE-based company behind Kronos, boasts a design unlike any traditional submarine.

The most headline-grabbing feature is its purported ability to execute a full 180-degree turn at maximum speed.

If true, this maneuverability would grant Kronos unparalleled agility underwater, allowing it to evade enemy attacks and position itself strategically with unmatched swiftness.

The design itself draws inspiration from the manta ray, a creature renowned for its graceful and efficient movement.

This translates into a smaller, faster submarine compared to the typical cigar-shaped behemoths patrolling the world’s oceans.