SOFREP just received our copy of 100 Deadly Skills, a new book by my friend and former JSOC Operator Clinton Emerson.

Having glanced briefly through the manual it’s obvious that this is a must read for anyone into urban or rural survival (or just looking to get rid of stuff—I’ll let you use your own imagination).


Photo courtesy 100 Deadly Skills #85: Dispose of Body

From the picture above you can see that, by comparison, Clinton makes Bear Grylls look like the Modern Day Princess of survival (No offense Bear, you’re still good-to-go in our books).

The book is sure to sell out of the first print run so you best get your advanced copy now, or you’ll be waiting until after Christmas for one. Pre-order here: 100 Deadly Skills

Note: This book was submitted, reviewed and approved by the US Department of Defense prior to publishing.