According to the Operation Inherent Resolve press release, two US service members were killed and five others were wounded while conducting combat operations in northern Iraq. Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, commander of Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve released the following statement:

The entire counter-ISIS Coalition sends our deepest condolences to these heroes’ families, friends and teammates.” He added that he hoped “there is some small solace in knowing their loss has meaning for our country and all the nations of the Coalition as the fallen service members were fighting to defeat a truly evil enemy and to protect our homelands.”

The names of the US service members have not been released yet, as their next of kin are in the process of being notified.

The incident is still under investigation but initial reports indicate the casualties may have been from a howitzer accident.

More information to follow. 

Jack Murphy, SOFREP editor-in-chief, recently wrote an article detailing the next phase of the war against ISIS in Iraq as the coalition sets its sites on Tal Afar.

Image courtesy of DoD