Operators from the Air Force’s 24th Special Tactics Squadron (STS) have wrapped up earthquake relief operations in Haiti. Deployed there after a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14, STS operators had been instrumental in supplying aid and re-opening the country’s infrastructure.


Nature Strikes Haiti

At 0829 EDT, August 14, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred on the Tiburon peninsula of Haiti, about 90 miles west of the capital, Port-Au-Prince. The earthquake flattened buildings, downed trees and power lines, and made travel to many parts of the island impossible.

Just three days after the earthquake came Tropical Depression Grace, a tropical storm that dropped inches of rain on an already damaged infrastructure. Actual rainfall amounts are not reported, but forecasters predicted that between five and 15 inches of rain fell locally. Heavy rain triggered landslides in the already unsettled landscape, further hampering efforts to locate survivors and provide relief.