FYI-This story didn’t make The Red Circle.

I was a new guy on probation at SEAL Team 3 (it’s different now, you get your Trident after SEAL Qualification Training) and serving in a support role.  Need a boat driver for a platoon training dive? “Hey new guy, get over here..”. Need another bus driver to haul guys to and from a run out in town? “New guy, get over here…”

So off to the Naval Special Warfare motor pool to find out how to get my 36 PAX (passenger) bus license.

First let me tell you that most motor pool operators cringe when checking out vehicles to Spec Ops types. They have checked out too many vehicles only to have them returned with no tread, dents and smoke coming from the hood.  We tend to be very hard on vehicles, especially after returning from a race or offensive driving course.  Drive it like it’s stolen.