When the Paris attacks took place, I was in the middle of one of my favorite CQB classes. Phones went off and everyone started answering calls. As the magnitude of the events that had transpired sank in, I realized that we were in for a dark time, and that this situation was going to take its toll on the tactical industry.

A few days later, the European Union’s commission decided to come up with their own, new firearms regulations. The media celebrated and elevated the story to a whole new level. Bullshit stories like ”Some of the attackers  guns originated in Germany” began appearing, but above all those layers of idiocy in the global onion, one title caught my attention: “Europe’s Reaction to Gun Control’s Failure to Stop Paris Attack? More Gun Control.” This was published by a known, reputable news website.

Needless to say, it got me thinking.

I am not going to fixate on percentages and statistics. We all know those, and they’re open source and available to anyone willing to look. I am, however, going to try to put things into perspective. It might piss off certain groups, but I don’t care. I do it because, yes, I do care for Europe’s future (jokes later, you Putin lovers).