As everyone hunkers down for the storm, we thought we would collect a few updates and reactions from the SOFREP team:

Frumentarius: “We got icy roads and about two inches of snow yesterday. I spent the day navigating a heavy fire engine through the city streets, sliding this way and that. Lots of wrecks and near misses out there…Here in the Midwest, we continue to realize that blizzards are only truly significant when they strike the east coast.”


George Hand: “I’m casing a truck stop near the freeway for signs of human trafficking; don’t envy me. This methhead tweaking at truck stop; he dropped is girlfriend off in a tractor berth… waiting for her to get out.”


Buck Clay: “Winter is here. From Cincinnati, Ohio the current northern flank of the beast. Wind speeds here are reaching 21 mph, blowing a wind chill factor of 17 from the actual of 28° F. The snow is light, but on edge to deliver more over the course of the evening. The timing of the impending Friday evening snowfall is amplified by common rush hour traffic and area specific, lifetime roadways construction. The grocery store crowds, are gearing up their homes to become buried snow fortresses, and are clearing the shelves of everything from: taco fixings, shotgun shells and whiskey to hold out through the Ohio Valley Snowmaggedon ’16 – Frosty’s First Strike.”


Jack Murphy: “After last year’s much hyped but non-apocalyptic blizzard, I’m not holding out for much.  Here in Brooklyn, the huddled masses of hipsters were scrambling to the supermarket to stock up on imported cheese and Tostitos.  Meanwhile, I’m here panicking like all of the other New Yorkers.  I’d be surprised if we got a couple inches.  When I was a kid, we used to get four or five feet of snow and no one made this big of a deal about it.  Good business for the Weather channel and the supermarkets though.”