Recently, I took a deep dive into underground or otherwise secret military bases around the United States. Today, I’m going global. Let’s look at some of the most interesting military bases from around the world.

To start, this list obviously will not be all-inclusive. There are somewhere around 10,000 underground bases in the world and we can only guess how many actually secret ones… Either way, in this article we’ll look into five.


1) Pine Gap (Australia)

The first base is one that you have probably heard of now due to its recent popularity on the Netflix show Pine Gap. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know that Pine Gap was an actual military facility when I watched a couple of episodes on Netflix. It is, however, a base shrouded in both security and secrecy (and now name recognition) and because of those reasons, I’d like to look first at it.

Pine Gap is a military facility located in rural Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Pine Gap is actually a United States military base located in middle-of-nowhere Australia. Before you say it, I know, I’m cheating a bit right from the start by technically including a U.S.-run base, but it only seems fair since it is located as far away from the continental U.S. as nearly any other inhabited place in the world.

Pine Gap View from the East. (Pine Gap images gallery, Australian Defence Facilities Pine Gap, February 21, 2016, (

One way to describe Pine Gap is that it is a major U.S. intelligence-gathering location. But the best way to describe Pine Gap is that it is where some of the United States’ most brilliant spies and researchers congregate, gather intelligence, and then submit that intel to the forces which need it most.

Pine Gap was established in 1966 and has been used by the U.S. to gather intel for the past 55 years. Most recently, the intel it produced has been heavily relied upon by U.S. Special Forces soldiers, the Pentagon, and the president and his military leaders. Pine Gap relies heavily on SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) rather than HUMINT (Human Intelligence). The difference between those two is simply that SIGINT consists of intelligence acquired from communications and information systems while HUMINT consists of information acquired from our humans.

Each type of intelligence is critical to forming a picture of the enemy. To read more about some of the incredible technology used in the base, click here.