Air Force Lieutenant Colonel William “Bill” Schroeder, Commander of the 342nd Training Squadron at the 37th Training Wing, gave his life fending off an armed and disgruntled Airman – the Airman, then took his own life. Lieutenant Colonel Schroeder is also being credited for saving the life of a First Sergeant who was also present on the deadly scene of workplace violence.

The incident unfolded at Joint Base San Antonio, inside of a first-floor office in building 147, Forbes Hall of the Medina Annex. There Technical Sergeant Steven D. Bellino, a Pararescue candidate, assigned to the 342nd was facing non-judicial punishment.

Around 08:40 Central Time, on Friday, Bellino initiated his assault by opening fire on the First Sergeant, but missed. When the shots were fired, Lieutenant Colonel William Schroeder was already in motion, and he selflessly charged, then grappled with Bellino; who fired four shots in their exchange – three landed in Lieutenant Colonel Schroder’s arm. Before the final, and fatal shot struck him in the head. Bellino then turned the weapon on himself.

Bellino was set to answer for an absent without leave (AWOL) incident, which followed his failure to meet the standard of a water endurance test. Bellino is said to have left training in his regards following the test; he had failed to notify his chain of command as to his intentions to terminate training and go home. From Joint Base San Antonio, Bellino went AWOL. He was next heard from while being brought into custody in Ohio and he was then returned to Joint Base San Antonio to face disciplinary action.