The Polish-led, U.S. backed, NATO – multinational exercise‪ and show of force in opposition to an aggressive Russia, Anakonda16 has come to a close. The exercise‬ comprised of 31,000 troops, hailing from twenty-four North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies and partner nations.

It came to a ended in spectacle with a large-scale live-fire demonstration.



A combined live fire exercise, featuring a breach and assault led by combat engineers and an air-to-air dogfight capped the exercise, which also showcased a historical large-scale special operations forces led, air assault operation.

American, British, and Polish troops staring the United States Army Europe (USAREUR,) Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR,) and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) who  put on an impressive show of military force, dynamic capability, and willingness to stand against a belligerent Russia. The multinational forces went point for point in excellence from artillery fire, tactical maneuvers, and an extraordinary display of air superiority.



Soldiers from Albania, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, the United States, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM*) and Sweden working under a unified command to deliver the final, well-coordinated, middle-finger to Russia.

The overall exercise incorporated  land, at sea, air capabilities and maneuver to allow Poland and NATO to prove that it’s committed to the defense of its borders. As NATO allies and partners tested and proved their ability, readiness and interoperability to functionally and competently stand together.

Exercise Anakonda 16 Final Demonstration


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Transparency was also a key component of the exercise, as well as an opportunity to give Russia a front row seat to NATO defense of Russia’s overt and covert aggressive operations across Asia and Europe. Complete compliance with international obligations was provided to a Belarusian observer team and a special guest VIP inspector from the Russian Federation.



The exercise ensured treaty compliance and commitment while allowing the NATO Response Force to really stretch it’s legs in levels not seen since the Cold War.



Anakonda Exercise Director, Polish Army Lieutenant General Marek Tomaszycki stated,

Poland has excellent training areas and Anakonda allows us to fully test the readiness of our Polish Armed Forces. We have been planning this joint defensive exercise for some time.

Regional stability is vital and this multinational collaboration reinforces our intent to defend ourselves and today’s Distinguished Visitors Day fully demonstrates force effect with a Combined Live Fire exercise and display stands.



The Distinguished Visitors Day – VIP day – focused on two dynamic live fire exercises from a multinational armored task force. The exercises featured artillery and air support, for an historic special operation forces, air assault, and forced entry exercise.



General Tomaszycki continued,

The importance of this national exercise and NATO involvement should not be lost on our road to the Warsaw Summit. We continue to be transparent and have had in accordance with Vienna protocols an OSCE team observing. This defensive exercise has taken place across 7 locations in Poland and has proven to be a great success. The Alliance remains committed to maintaining its security.


The exercises are part of efforts to reassure east European nations rattled by Russia’s actions in nearby Ukraine.
The exercise was the largest of it’s kind on  NATO’s eastern flank, since the end of the Cold War. This strategic move is set to demonstrate resilience toward a rabid Kremlin. As an already-tense relationship between Moscow and the West continues to unravel under President-for-Life Vladimir Putin.
America and NATO have also drawn up plans for long-term troop deployment throughout Eastern Europe. The move is in defensive response to Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea, and its ongoing material and military support of separatists in eastern Ukraine.
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