Here at we delve into myriad issues beyond news and information on U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) and intelligence agencies.  The topics covered range from everyday carry (EDC) to how to survive a mass shooting.  We touch on nearly everything in between, as well, from personal security and weapons to everyday tactical thinking. We want you, the readers, to be well-rounded, after all.

One issue that does not get addressed often enough, however, is basic knot tying and rope work.  We are not a climbing website, after all, nor are we focused on rope rescue work per se.  Nor are ropes and knots a skill set that everyone needs to master, necessarily.  It is an important skill set to be proficient at, however.  You should have some basic knowledge in the subject area, even if you are not an expert survivalist, special operator, or rope rescue technician.  After all, real life ain’t like the movies, where you can loosely tie a fire hose around your waist and jump off the Nakatomi building a la John McClane.

Oh, if it were only that easy

In real life, if you go jumping off a building with a fire hose tied in a loose overhand knot around your waist, then you are likely going to be kissing the concrete at terminal velocity, with the rest of your life remaining to enjoy the ride.  In real life, you actually should know how to secure a rope so that it will hold your weight, if the need arises.

Regardless of the fact that you will likely not be performing a “Die Hard”-style leap off a tall building anytime soon, it still behooves you to know how to tie some basic rescue and climbing knots.  Perhaps you want to be that person in your survival group who knows ropes and knots.  Perhaps you are thinking you want to join a special operations unit.  Perhaps you are considering becoming a firefighter.  These knots will help you in all of those endeavors.  It is also good knowledge to help ensure that you are eaten last if your group of survivalists must resort to cannibalism.  You will be proficient in a critical skill, after all, so there is that.