August 16 is National Airborne Day and paratroopers all over the country are remembering their own experiences and sharing some of them via social media. 

President George Bush created National Airborne Day in 2002. It was designated by Congress to honor America’s paratroopers. 

Airborne combat continues to be driven by the bravery and daring spirit of sky soldiers. Often called into action with little notice, these forces have earned an enduring reputation for dedication, excellence, and honor. As we face the challenges of a new era, I encourage all people to recognize the contributions of these courageous soldiers to our Nation and the world,” President Bush had said. 

National Airborne Day falls on the day of the Army’s first parachute jumps. On August 16, 1940, Lt. William Ryder was credited with being the first Army paratrooper to “jump from a perfectly good airplane.” He was the first commander of the Parachute Test Platoon in 1940.