I’m not going to cover the no-brainers. Waterproof your kit and carry it in by a means that first works and is comfortable for a long distance. You also know what your comfort items are – just be smart about them. Don’t screw the team because you packed a bunch of crap that you can’t carry.

Summer camping season is upon us and we are inundated with one terrible list after another, which often claims to be some form of, “Genius, Insane, Crazy, Brilliant, Camping Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and so on.” After reviewing some of these lists, I first wondered if any of these people had ever actually been camping beyond their backyard or designated park and camp area. Yet then, and to my most disappointing surprise some straight-up all civilian and veterans turned full-on civilian friends; who recently attempted a camping trip with me. There, for the love of all that is sacred about the woods – they packed like the idiot hipsters who made the many stupid lists that are currently circling the internet.

The fashionable wordsmiths of methamphetamine branding have sub-categorized camping. Now, the trending douche bags are calling it “Ultralight Backpacking” and “Camping” is what the out of the car and RV crowd does . . . but not in reality – the devil is in advertising. Look, I don’t name this crap, I’m stuck with the idiot names people cough-up just as well as you are.

For starters, if you can carry in half the crap these magical lists propose; you’re not camping. There is no sane reason for a city-dweller to make their way to the wilds and live out of their car, or rely on electricity to camp. Camping is about getting away from the noise of everyday life and relaxing amongst nature and sleeping under the stars – away from people. On that point, the only reason your phone should appear on a camping trip is if you can’t perform the necessary life saving first aid on a fellow camper. All of this junk and technology will be here when you get back from the trip.