Hillary’s secrecy and the unknowns that surround her have me concerned about more than her pneumonia. I don’t think there’s a grand conspiracy at play with her health. But there is something there. It’s a lack of trust and dialogue between us, the people, and Hillary Clinton (and her team). She and her team might not outright lie. But they ‘lawyer’ their rhetoric in a way that does not disclose the whole truth.

Her health is an issue worth exploring. However, it’s not like Trump can be expected to be very healthy, either. It doesn’t even seem like he sleeps. Both of their schedules are hectic. Extremely hectic. Frankly, I would be worried about either candidate in the White House.

I was an “18D” or Special Forces Medical Sergeant. I was given the opportunity to see patients and recommend courses of action both here in the states, with participating hospitals, and abroad. Granted, when abroad I enjoyed more autonomy but also more scrutiny and pressure to get it right. Pneumonia is not trivial. It kills people. But, it does have to be severe, and if someone has a bad case of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP), you’d know it. Someone would have or should have done something. There again, this might be a symptom of how political leaders are treated, like show ponies.  I suspect Hillary didn’t even think about it. Instead, she just went from event to event being propped up like an ornament, gave her speech, coughed, and moved on.

Whenever I get a cough, I ignore it. I am my worst patient. That’s typical of “Alpha” types. Hillary, I would think, is a A-type personality and probably doesn’t care if she has a cough. We’ve all heard and seen the cough in the past and as of late. She’s an elderly women at 68 and obviously not an athlete. She is visibly overweight and probably at risk for any number of things. JFK had bad health, too. Many think Ronald Reagan was senile by the end of his presidency. John McCain seems like he’s off his rocker at times.

But, with Hillary, it’s different. Because we cannot say, we know the woman. People ask, ‘who is she.’ It’s beyond curiosity. It’s a complete unknown. If we look back, we see Hillary’s health and inconsistent statements are somewhat consistent. Hillary claimed that due to a concussion she must’ve forgotten about relevant briefs related to the email debacle.

Here’s a quick rundown of HRC’s health issues:

HRC faints in her home and suffers a concussion in January of 2012.

HRC has a dangerous blood clot in January of 2013.

HRC tells Diane Sawyer that she had double vision and dizziness for a while post-concussion, but that were no lingering effects. (No Sniper fire?)

HRC’s physician releases five-page document declaring Hillary Clinton “healthy.”

During this campaign Hillary has had frequent coughing fits. We saw a long cough outburst during the very long Benghazi hearing. She is on a presidential campaign, said to be an incredibly grueling process for most people and Hillary has a fundamentally weak constitution. She has obvious health limitations and a history of severe health issues. In an interview with David Muir, Hillary Clinton said that both she and Donald Trump ought to release their medical records. But neither campaign has released their medical records

It’s a campaign-off. The pace of a campaign is huge. We don’t see it, but these speeches where they go, how often they speak plays a vital role. Hillary Clinton told David Muir that she is not ‘out campaigned.” But, clearly her health is at risk. Rumors are surfacing from her campaign that she has not been drinking very much water. Her staff is too scared to tell her, anything. What does that say about HRC and those around her?

It would appear to be a situation where you have to take care of someone who won’t take care of themselves. But people who are so difficult to approach that you’re unable to fulfill that function sounds like a raw deal. That’s a toxic and unhealthy environment. With such secrecy and half-truths floating around concerning the private server and other allegations, how can we not question Hillary Clinton’s honesty?

She might have thought it was a “big deal.” But we need a leader more mature than that. Your health, when the head of a country, is a big deal. We need our President to be in a position to make decisions. I don’t care what that takes. Veep is a comedy show, not a reality, right?

No one will fault her for being sick. It only makes sense traveling so often and by air – pneumonia might have been bound to happen. That’s not the issue. But everything seems to be written off as not a big deal. At some point, something is going to be a big deal. I’m afraid that’s going to be something too big for anyone of us to ignore in our daily lives. We’ve seen what happens when people fail to act. More so, we felt the repercussion of an “Ohh; they won’t attack attitude.” I am sincere when I say I’m uncomfortable by how we’re being treated. I’m not comfortable with feeling as though I don’t understand what the truth is when it comes to a presidential candidate. That’s not the kind of decision-making I want sending my friends abroad. We deserve to see something different out of a would-be leader.