The Trump administration is beginning to fill up. Trump’s latest pick is Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, leaving a vacant spot for Secretary of Defense. Sessions was the likely pick for SECDEF. But, with Sessions as AG it might be Sen. Tom Cotton. It would be a logical decision.

Tom Cotton as SECDEF represents a pick where there is some disagreement between SECDEF and POTUS. Cotton is known as an advocate for military intervention. Trump is a skeptic of its value. In the end, the SECDEF will implement the new administration’s agenda.

Trump is taking an almost isolationist stance. But, Trump is a vocal and strong proponent for increased military spending. Something that he and Cotton certainly are in agreeance.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, while seemed like a logical choice for SECDEF, was more fiscally hawkish compared to Trump’s campaign promises to re-build and grow the military. This is why I think Cotton would be a good pick for Trump, because he is fully onboard with increased military spending.