The Trump administration is beginning to fill up. Trump’s latest pick is Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, leaving a vacant spot for Secretary of Defense. Sessions was the likely pick for SECDEF. But, with Sessions as AG it might be Sen. Tom Cotton. It would be a logical decision.

Tom Cotton as SECDEF represents a pick where there is some disagreement between SECDEF and POTUS. Cotton is known as an advocate for military intervention. Trump is a skeptic of its value. In the end, the SECDEF will implement the new administration’s agenda.

Trump is taking an almost isolationist stance. But, Trump is a vocal and strong proponent for increased military spending. Something that he and Cotton certainly are in agreeance.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, while seemed like a logical choice for SECDEF, was more fiscally hawkish compared to Trump’s campaign promises to re-build and grow the military. This is why I think Cotton would be a good pick for Trump, because he is fully onboard with increased military spending.

Cotton is right leaning and less centrist in his politics, similar to many filling the Trump administration. It would seem he has the esteem and experience relevant to the Pentagon.

Tom Cotton is a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. He chose not to become an officer despite his higher education. Instead Cotton enlisted in an enlisted/warrant program. He has real world experience and holds a JD from Harvard Law. His resume is impressive. When it comes to funding, training and new equipment – he might be a blessing for OD-A’s.

Featured image courtesy of The Atlantic.