I can honestly say that I’m glad to see some other units getting their share of the spotlight. As much as I love the SEAL community and am proud of my book The Red Circle (FYI-Red Circle audio is live and includes new content and proceeds help SOF charities), the SEALs have had too much of the spotlight. There are too many other units that have been kicking ass in the GWOT and the Rangers are no stranger to danger. I agree with Jack’s assessment that they will likely be Tier One very soon.

RLTW. Brandon out.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Rangers ‘Surviving the Cut’ episode premiere

75th Ranger Regiment Public Affairs

FORT BENNING, Ga. (USASOC News Service, July 3, 2012) – The Discovery Channel is scheduled to release a one-hour documentary that follows a class through the 75th Ranger Regiment’s Assessment and Selection Program. The program is titled ‘Hell and Back, Special Ops Ranger.’