With few exceptions, the DoD announcement on Labor Day of retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Kelly K. McKeague as director of the Department of POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) has been met mostly with praise. McKeague was finally appointed 16 months after the first director resigned in June 2016. During that hiatus, there has been derision and uncertainly in the ranks of DPAA.

A former employee said that McKeague’s appointment was “met with universal praise by the worker bees in DPAA,” he said, requesting anonymity.

There’s been a leadership vacuum during the last 16 months. I left DPAA because of the senior leadership issues. For example, the teams on the ground in Southeast Asia want a continued drive and effort toward searching for American remains, but budget cuts and a repeated, secretive effort to run up big numbers at the expense of Vietnam War recovery issues continues….there are many who hope Director McKeague will pursue that goal.”

The September 5 National League of POW/MIA Families Update echoed his concerns and praise of the McKeague selection: