A United States Marine was stabbed to death at approximately 8 a.m Tuesday morning on Camp Pendleton, CA. The other Marine who stabbed him is currently in custody. NCIS is undoubtedly taking charge of the investigation, but has not yet released a statement to the press. Reports indicate that the stabbing happened during a fight between two infantry students on the base.

At the time of this writing, the victim’s next of kin (NOK) have not yet been notified and so the identity of the Marine will remain out of the public’s eye. The military has a very strict process of notifying the families of any service member killed in any manner, in order to properly honor the deceased and do right by their loved ones. Events like this tend to be saturated with conjecture and fabrications, and there are few reliable sources until the investigations have been completed and the military releases information to the press.

The basic information (name and circumstances) will not be released until 24 hours AFTER notification is made. There are exceptions that can delay the release of information, but that is uncommon.

The incident occurred at the School of Infantry – West, near northern San Diego. Their website describes the facility’s function as such:

School of Infantry-West trains riflemen, infantrymen, and assault amphibian crewman in MOS skills across the infantry training continuum, and produces combat instructors who train Marines here and throughout their careers to dominate and control any battlespace.”

The situation is developing, and SOFREP will continue to provide updates as they present themselves.


Featured image courtesy of the Associated Press.