I started this site over eight years ago. Sketched it out on a napkin in a San Diego diner called Coffee Cup.

Jack Murphy and I were both writing for Military.com, but both of us wanted to stretch our editorial legs beyond what the staff would let us.

So I got to work getting the site coded on Word Press with the help of Cris our developer. He’s still with us! A few months later we had a site that was ready to go and about a month’s worth of articles to give us a content buffer.

I would go on to be the first Editor of the site while keeping my day job as a defense company executive until two things happened: I finally sold my book “The Red Circle” after being turned down by most publishers; and we landed our first large advertising campaign from USAA.

These two things gave me the confidence to leave my job and go full time with SOFREP.

Many copy cats would follow but, SOFREP was the first of its kind. The site would quickly branch out from offering military interest pieces to providing an unvarnished, insider look, into the Special Ops, military, and foreign policy apparatus.

In brief, the guys writing for the site were tired of the mainstream media getting it wrong in parts of the world most couldn’t find on a map or pronounce correctly and I soon found us breaking major stories ahead of the main stream media.

The site became an instant hit with millions of users in the first few months.