There really is no way to sugar coat the fact that it has been a pretty shitty few weeks in the news media for the Navy’s SEAL Teams.  The relentless coverage over the past few years — if not the last decade — has mostly been positive when it comes to the community, and how it is portrayed.  Notable exceptions do exist, though, including on this website, in the New York Times and The Intercept, among others. 

On the whole, though, it has been and still remains beneficial for media outlets — including this one — to report on the SEAL Teams.  Simply put, Navy SEAL-focused stories bring views, clicks, and readers.  They unfortunately also bring backlash over time, as fatigue inevitably sets in as the spotlight remains focused most brightly on one aspect of the military’s special operations community.  Some in the civilian public and probably most in the non-SEAL military, both in and out of SOF, are getting sick of hearing about Navy SEALs.  One need not be an overly astute observer of the media to realize this fact.

The past few weeks are not helping in that regard.  Here is a rundown of the recent stories that have broken about the SEAL Teams: 

Two SEALs are being investigated for the strangling of a Green Beret in Mali