I recently covered some product recommendations for carrying a pistol with mounted reflex sights.  The articles focused on holsters with and without using a mounted flashlight.  In this article, I am going to focus on my preferred gun belt brand for this setup.

Early on when carrying a pistol with reflex sights, I found that a quality holster such as BlackPoint Tactical’s Leather Wing line would compensate for not having a good gun belt by keeping the pistol relatively tight to the body. Still, it never felt quite right due to the weight of having a pistol with a fully loaded magazine, Kydex holster, reflex sight, and mounted light.

This led me to seek out a proper gun belt.  I went to the range with a buddy of mine who is former USMC EOD and he was bragging about this new gun belt he had picked up from Kore Essentials.  After his excitement about the product, I decided to check them out for myself and I’m glad I did.

Kore has been around since 2013 and they produce high-quality gun belts, fashion belts, wallets, and accessories.  What makes their belts stand out from a traditional belt?  Their patented Trakline technology uses a ratcheting system in increments of 1/4-inch instead of traditional belt holes that are spaced 1-inch apart.  This is key in achieving the proper balance of comfort and retention for your weapon carry; it also allows for the perfect fit.