I’ve been trending upward these days. Not in my investments, or my career per se. (Although both are doing well.) No, I’m trending upwards in the gun I carry every day. Meaning I’m carrying a larger and larger gun when possible. For a bit, I was carrying my MR9 from Magnum Research and I do love that gun. However, one I love slightly more is my CZ P09. To carry such a big gun I knew I needed a good holster and belt. The Folks at High Threat Concealment were happy to provide me with both. I went with the HTC Vantage and their Everyday Tactical belt.

I first ran into High Threat Concealment at Shot Show where they had their complete Low Profile system display. Buth Mark Miller and I were quite impressed and pleased to have an opportunity to work with them.


The HTC Vantage Review

The HTC Vantage comes in two varieties, a standard and light bearing. I went with a light bear model fit for the Streamlight TLR 1. Sometimes my quest to challenge gear leads me to go more extreme routes. I normally wouldn’t carry a light attached to my gun, but if I’m carrying a big gun with a rail why not? Plus is there really any better way to test the HTC Vantage and Everyday Tactical belt than by adding more weight and bulk to them? Plus right before the end of 2016, I made a big deal about wanting more light bearing options for a wider variety of guns.

The HTC Vantage is a polymer holster made from Boltaron. Kydex has become what’s basically a one all term for all polymer holsters, but kydex and Boltaron are a lot different. Boltaron is tougher, and less susceptible to thermal variances. This means, unlike an Eotech it doesn’t loosen when left in the sun. It’s also a lot better than kydex at withstanding extreme cold and not cracking under pressure.

HTC Vantage
Thin is Nice

Made to Order

Every holster from High Threat Concealment is made to order, and the HTC Vantage is no different. They can accommodate any of these light options: Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro, Inforce APL, Streamlight TLR-1 TLR-2, TLR-3, TLR-4, Surefire X200, X300, X400, Surefire RAIL-LOCK® System (A) X300, X300V, X300 Ultra, or Surefire T-Slot System with Thumb Screw (B) X300V, X300Ultra, X400, X400Ultra, or the Surefire XC1.