Ok, yes, this Navy SEAL sniper is a HUUGE Stars Wars nerd!!! I know the difference between a regular blaster and an ion blaster and what is preferred against droids (ion, duh!). And let’s face it, not all Star Wars weapons are created equally, even Chewy would agree with me.

So, I will apply my Navy SEAL skills and pick the top five Star Wars weapons.

In a Galaxy Far Far Away, There Were Ground Rules

When choosing the top five Star Wars weapons I applied a simple philosophy, “How would I outfit a Special Ops Rebel Forces Gorilla Unit?” Then things started shaping faster than a Bantha on a keto diet.

But there’s one ground rule: These picks are close-quarter weapons, not Starship-grade. Enjoy!

1) Heavy Blaster Pistol

If it’s good enough for Han and Chewy… well, good enough for me.

According to Star Wars fandom, “Heavy blaster pistols were basically cut-down blaster rifles, utilizing a more highly powered gas chamber, firing larger, more damaging bolts with a wider beam. Though bulkier and heavier than a standard blaster pistol, the heavy blaster’s advantage was firepower.”

2) Ion Blaster

Top 5 Star Wars Weapons
A Jawa rocking his ion blaster.

“We’re doomed!” is the typical C3PO response upon seeing an ion hand cannon.

In the SEAL Teams, our version of C3PO would be the SWCC guys. (Just kidding!)