There is a looming darkness in the depths of your world, a shadow war brewing from individuals of anonymity. An unaccountable autonomous hive network pirating your beliefs, markets and way of life.

An infestation of rogue websites providing redistributed content of originality using torrenting (1).

An anarchism of virtual space, pirates destroying borders and hacking data releasing the spoils to the highest bidder (2).

An idea dressed in a converging uniform stealing ideas from you aimed at mass duplication (3).

Digital currencies utilizing securely irreversible decentralized p2p networks avoiding laws, taxes and tariffs (4).

Virtual markets selling illegal goods ranging from drugs to illegal arms undermining organizations serving your best interest of safety and prosperity (5).

A worldwide movement creating forums and spreading fear aiming at your liberty and pursuit of happiness. Collective group thinking en masse targeting successful individuals and organizations of influence protecting businesses interests (6).

A large copyright war between people, pirates, and large multimedia giants (7).

A brotherhood of man devoid of identity, father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife, friends (8).

Yet you can look forward. As technology rapidly develops, doubling every 18 months in speed at half the size, the Internet grows in complexity solving many of the problems before Congress. Copyright material can be protected by digital watermarking software preventing ripped movies from being played (9).

Software is being distributed in the best interests of the business utilizing online platforms matching defined technical environments (10).

Personalized computing is at your doorstep with many of the advances becoming online and available to any and all users (11).


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