Everyone knows the fighting on World War II’s eastern front was bitter and brutal but just how bitter and brutal can really only be seen in individual interactions between the sides. Of course, there are hundreds of stories about the fighting in Stalingrad and the crimes committed against Soviet citizens by the German Army and SS.

Maybe the best example is the incident that happened between a German Army patrol and one Red Army soldier, Dmitry Ovcharenko. Anyone who survived this incident was unlikely to forget it – if there were any survivors at all.

Ovcharenko was a peasant soldier, recruited from Lugansk, Russia. He grew up without much of an education, but joined the Soviet Army long before World War II came to the USSR. When it did and Germany began its invasion of his homeland, Ovcharenko put on the uniform once more and set out to repel the invaders.

Soviet soldiers Stalingrad
Soviet soldiers at Stalingrad during a short rest after fighting. (Wikimedia Commons)

His time in combat wouldn’t last for very long. He was wounded at the very beginning of Operation Barbarossa in 1941, but he wasn’t removed from the front lines. He was known for his strength and could still walk, so he was tasked with moving food and ammunition from Soviet supplies to the front and distributing them.


This article was written by Team Mighty and originally published on WE ARE THE MIGHTY.