SOFREP readers know that I’m a big fan of the comic book series, The Activity, about the highly secretive Intelligence Support Activity or ISA.  We reviewed the graphic novel that collects the first six issues not that long ago.

I want to draw our audience’s attention to issue #8 which just hit the stands this week.  Please shoot on down (figuratively) to your local comic shop and pick this one up.  You’ll see SOFREP all over it and have a little insider background on what is going on.  Beyond that, Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads knock it out of the park and pack a ton of content into a monthly comic that is all-too-short for hardcore fans like me.

One of the reasons why I think people should check this comic out is because of a flashback sequence towards the end of the comic that describes the actions of an unsung hero.  I think this week has been chilling in regards to the content of Nathan’s storyline.  What we witnessed in Libya was a small look behind the curtains at those who operate in the shadows.  There are some who are out there in the ether, you don’t know who they are, you don’t know what they do, but they are getting work done and often saving lives behind the scenes.

This comic tells the story of one such person who emerged from the ether to save a Soldier’s life, then disappeared into the black once again.  Whoever it was had no interest in show boating or spot lighting.  They did their job and moved on to the next thing.  He had no need for recognition.  This is a story that can only be told as fiction.