Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse than they already are with Jihadists blowing up and attacking people all over the UK. A new trend of attack has broken out in London. Acid attacks in both liquid and power form have been reported all over the city. At the moment it seems to be mainly gang and drug related. That said, there have been a couple of robberies from people’s vehicles with the windows down which have targeted mobile phones in cradles by passengers on scooters. With the easy access to many types of domestic and industrial acid, the worry is it wont be long before the terror types pick up on how successful the attacks are and adjust the method for their own campaign.

Method of delivery and attack can be from squeeze type bottles, water pistols or straight from the container it was bought in. A lot of acid can be delivered accurately in a very short period of time and if it hits the eyes it can be incapacitating from the start.

With the real threat of more attacks, it is again time to ask what can be done to prevent such attacks and what can you do, should you witness or fall prey to such a heinous act. It is something I have been asked already many times on social media from people who are genuinely concerned for themselves and their loved ones.

From a normal everyday perspective the only real countermeasures which immediately spring to mind are to stay away from known trouble spots and potential flash points. It is impossible to guess where and when every single attack may take place. But local knowledge may indicate where there is a higher threat. If traveling by car try to keep attractive items away from open windows or quite simply don’t open them and lock the doors which is by the way my preferred option every time. If someone threatens you with such an attack, you have to take them seriously and report it and try to get something done about it. There have been many cases before this recent spate of acid used after domestic disputes.