How do a bunch of Navy SEALs shoot, move and communicate? With the help of some bad ass software defined communications accessories developed by Silynx Communications.

I had a chance to catch up with the CEO of Silynx, Gil Limonchik this week and learn about the quality and detail that go into their communication systems. Example: Silynx’s “smart” software defined system runs a mathematical algorithm to determine how to best compensate to provide clear communications. And did I mention they also thought about blast pressure waves that accompany an explosion and how to best protect an Operator’s ear? Good stuff and a long way from a set of foamies or the empty brass shell casings that I saw Saudis using to stuff in their ears for hearing protection on the shooting range.


Silynx comms (SOF slang for communications) systems are featured in the movie Act of Valor.  Gil (former SOF) and I have both seen advanced screenings of the movie and agree that finally, Hollywood got it right. He shared his enthusiasm about a film that is tactically and technically sound and that the movie also shows the human sacrifice and dedication of all service members.  Act of Valor is a great movie and will do well by the US SOCOM community as a whole.