How do a bunch of Navy SEALs shoot, move and communicate? With the help of some bad ass software defined communications accessories developed by Silynx Communications.

I had a chance to catch up with the CEO of Silynx, Gil Limonchik this week and learn about the quality and detail that go into their communication systems. Example: Silynx’s “smart” software defined system runs a mathematical algorithm to determine how to best compensate to provide clear communications. And did I mention they also thought about blast pressure waves that accompany an explosion and how to best protect an Operator’s ear? Good stuff and a long way from a set of foamies or the empty brass shell casings that I saw Saudis using to stuff in their ears for hearing protection on the shooting range.


Silynx comms (SOF slang for communications) systems are featured in the movie Act of Valor.  Gil (former SOF) and I have both seen advanced screenings of the movie and agree that finally, Hollywood got it right. He shared his enthusiasm about a film that is tactically and technically sound and that the movie also shows the human sacrifice and dedication of all service members.  Act of Valor is a great movie and will do well by the US SOCOM community as a whole.

As a former SOF guy, Gil gets what it’s like to put your life in the hands of well made gear. We both talked about the importance of paying attention to details with an intense focus on quality.

Until Silynx came into the picture, a lot of radio accessories were poorly made and ignored.  Gil went on to make the point, “you wouldn’t put cheap tires on a Ferrari, so why put poorly made accessories on a very expensive radio?”.  I agreed with him. He credited the Silynx team with many breakthrough developments and it appears that the company is filling a much needed niche.

Details and quality matter.  There is a story floating around that Gil shared about a G-shock watch band failing.  Apparently a SOF team member lost his watch to a faulty wrist band; the watch falls off in the night and a local Afghan villager picks it up the next day. Realizing the there aren’t too many G-shocks falling from the sky, the villager alerts the Taliban who then start an intense man hunt.  Very real consequences that put covert operatives lives at risk over a watch band.  There’s a reason we thread cord through these watches for a back up band.  Lesson learned? Small details matter. The folks at Silynx get this.  Check out their C4OPS below.  They have some great stuff coming out soon.  Gil swore me to secrecy so you’ll have to wait and see for yourself.

Brandon out.