Chicken Little visited, Joint Base Andrews / Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, located in Camp Springs, Maryland just outside of Washington, D.C and home to Air Force One.

Once on the base, Chicken Little declared that “The sky is falling!”

Media reports and live feeds are now being deleted in large swathes across the internet – Because that’s responsibility in action. Failure to accept accountability in the face of reality or the end state.

Great job, responsible media sources; you’ll never cease to disappoint me.



Air Force Security Forces have cleared the Malcolm Grow Medical Facility the last location that was not deemed ‘All Clear.’ It is also where this active shooter situation was planned to be undertaken, according to the Pentagon and Joint Base Andrews – Air Force and Navy base.

Initial reports of a real world active have initiated a firestorm reports, responses, and warnings  from the Media, Joint Base Andrews, the Pentagon, and the White House.