Ohio State University just issued an active shooter alert for their campus. In the tweet below, the alert indicates the shooter is located at Watts Hall.  People are asked to shelter in place. No official details on the shooter yet. More to follow.

Update 10:24am EST:

Images coming from campus show a man on the ground. The active shooter may have been shot by police. Nothing official from police yet if this is the gunman or a victim. See the tweets below.

Update 10:33am EST:

There are reports of multiple people (seven people so far) being taken to the hospital by the Columbus Fire department. No details on the victims or the shooter yet.

Update 11:02am EST:

Live footage from the campus:

Update 11:05 am EST:

According to local news, police have confirmed a suspect is dead. Eight people have been taken to the hospital and a ninth victim is still on scene.

Update 11:20am EST:

Two men have been brought out in handcuffs as police continue to clear the buildings on campus. One suspect is reported dead.

Update 11:47am EST:

The shelter-in-place advisory has been lifted by police. The details of the event are still unclear at this point but it appears the active shooter pulled a fire alarm, waited for people to evacuate the building, and then fired at people. One suspect has been confirmed dead by police and the victim count has not been finalized yet.

Image courtesy of AP