“Tough. Deal with it. Adapt and overcome.”

If you’re new to SOFREP or uncertain about the kind of community that resides – no scratch that – “lives” here, look no further than the comment section of Human Performance – Advance by Adversity. Wait another hour or two and you’ll see more of the same in the comment section of this article.

Fierce, loyal, dedicated, tenacious and diverse describes the readers here. Seldom do you find a more committed group of leaders in one place like this. Personal and professional triumph and defeat. Stories of resurrection and redirection from all walks of life.

Though the stories shared were as diverse as our members, they all shared one one thing in common. A SOFREP member provided a quote, from Brandon Webb’s book The Red Circle, that perfectly described the common characteristic each contributor demonstrated.

“Tough. Deal with it. Adapt and overcome.”

Having personally heard these word from Brandon I can translate for you.

  • Tough = Shut the “F” up, stop complaining and feeling sorry for your self.
  • Deal with it = Don’t do what you want to do, do what needs to get done.
  • Adapt = This obstacle was put here for a reason. Now grow!
  • Overcome = Knock this bitch out of the park!

Lets here from our contributing members how they personally embodied these principles of adversity and just said to themselves: “Tough. Deal with it. Adapt and overcome.”

Bone Crushing Mental Pain

michael stephen fuchs: a fiction writer who took 17 years to make his writing career work said:

He said: “Tough = Shut the “F” up, stop complaining and feeling sorry for your self.”