The SAS, being undermanned for the amount of activity required to keep the enemy on their heels, approached Major Reid-Daly to borrow some men to use on external missions. Their skill at penetrating terrorist organizations and having black soldiers would be a tremendous asset to Externals. The Major saw this as his opportunity to advance the Scouts into a more useful position.

In characteristic fashion, Reid-Daly flatly turned the OC of the SAS down unless he could move his unit into the mission cycle and go beyond the borders of Rhodesia and do more than collect intelligence. Begrudgingly, the higher command decided it was time to use ALL of its resources to stop the enemy cold.

An initial trial was offered to the SAS. Two Selous Scouts would do a Recce for a SAS operation. Neither of the Scouts were heard from again. Reid-Daly was disgusted and decided that the only way that this would work is if the Selous Scouts planned and ran their own missions.

With the ZIPRA and FRELIMO forces moving south and operating with more impunity, the Scouts moved personnel further south. The terrain was inhospitable with few natural landmarks available for navigation. The plan to injure and disable FRELIMO involved destroying infrastructure. A major railway ran to the south and was used to transport troops and material into southern Mozambique. The Scouts set their eyes on infiltrating and owning that area.