Air Commando weaponry runs virtually the same gamut as other USSOCOM personnel. They use the M4 (frequently suppressed), the MP5SD and other variants, the MK 12 (also frequently suppressed), the M9, M11, the M870…pretty much the weapons and other high speed furniture the other SOF elements use (if not the heavier stuff with any frequency) and they also undergo fusion training. Additional weapon accessories include (among many others, limited largely to what the individual operator prefers and can afford if it isn’t issued) SureFire CAM4FA556, the FA556AR suppressor, KAC RAS and optics ranging from (but not limited to) the Elcan to EOtech to the Comp M2. They use ACOGs, PEQ-2 and PEQ-15. They use IR strobes, AN/PRC-148s, Harris 117s and assorted other commo kit. It’s the latter that frequently cause the most damage.

AFSOC Weapons

The most powerful weapon most AFSOC personnel possess is probably (undoubtedly, in the case of CCTs and TACPs) his radio. Virtually anyone can fire a suppressed M4 or go loud with an M240B, but the guy talking in the B1s, B52s and F15s on CAS runs has the most immediate bang at his disposal. (It also brings in supplies, CASEVAC and assistance, from speedballs to QRF troops.)

CCTs in Haiti

This isn’t to say Air Commandoes aren’t great shooters or fully capable of direct action. They are, and they’re good at it. However, their greatest strength is what they can bring to the fight from the air: rotor or fixed wing ordnance or rescue.

Yelling to the planes

Additional important equipment, particularly for the Combat Controller working alone or alongside Army Pathfinders to prep landing zones and airfields, are ranging and observation equipment.