An inside police source in New York has given SOFREP the detail-to-detail events during the Herkimer murders, and subsequent HRT raid, that led to the death of the suspect two weeks ago. SOFREP Exclusive: FBIs HRT Kill New York Shooter

On March 13th, police officers from the Mohawk Village Police, along with members of the local fire department, were called to an apartment building for a suspected structure fire. On the way to the location, officers were advised that a shooting had occurred at a barbershop only a few buildings away from the apartment fire. On scene in the barbershop, officers came upon two critically injured individuals and two deceased individuals who appeared to have been shot with a shotgun.

While on scene at the barbershop, officers were dispatched to a car maintenance shop in the village of Herkimer, where another shooting had been reported. Once the police arrived they found two men who had died from what appeared to be wounds from a shotgun.

The local Chief of Police, who was responsible for both Herkimer and Mohawk, began to coordinate with State Police personnel to locate the shooter. As a command post was put in place by State Police with the local police department, a call came in through 911 reporting that a Jeep was traveling the wrong way on a one-street in Herkimer.