This article was written by Alex Hollings and originally published on Sandboxx.

DARPA’s AlphaDogfight trials have officially come to a close. Heron Systems’ incredible artificial intelligence pilot system defeated not only its industry competitors but went on to secure five straight victories against a highly trained U.S. Air Force F-16 pilot, without the human pilot scoring a single hit.

Eight teams were selected to create artificial intelligence (AI) “agents” that would be capable of simulating a real dogfight between fighters, referred to as “within-visual-range air combat maneuvering,” more formally. The first two rounds of the competition saw these virtual pilots engage with one another in simulated combat environments in November and again in January. This third round of AI dogfighting included similar competitions, with the four finalist firms squaring off in a round-robin. The event then culminated with the hands-down victor, Heron Systems, taking on a real human fighter pilot in another simulated fight.

And Heron really brought the heat, with its artificial intelligence system ultimately securing the AI championship by defeating Lockheed Martin’s AI system.