The Air Force has announced the eligibility criteria for the Remote Combat Effects Campaign Medal (RCECM).

The RCECM aims to recognize the actions of non-deployable Air Force personnel in ground combat. It is, in fact, tailored to the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) community, which has been providing key intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) and air support to ground elements in known and unknown battlefields.

The Department of Defence (DoD) has set three qualifying factors to determine eligibility for the RCECM:

“1) Was assigned or attached to a unit directly in support of a DoD combat operation as approved by the chief of staff of the Air Force
2) Was serving in a remotely piloted aircraft; cyber; space or intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance career field
3) Personally provided hands-on employment of a weapon system that has direct and immediate impact on combat operations
4) Was not physically exposed to hostile actions or at risk of exposure to hostile action”


The RCECM (Air Force).

The combat operations that have been approved by the chief of staff of the Air Force are the following: