Reports flooded the airwaves on the 1st of July, which declared a ‘manhunt’ for Russian citizen – Chechen national, ‘Akhmed One-Arm,’ Ahmed Chataev, a.k.a. Akhmed al-Shishkani. An advantageous media cited the terrorist to near a Bond villain-level mastermind and warlord capabilities, anyhow, he was just a terrible person and it’s not clear if he is just a big talker or actually has the IQ to have planned the terrorist attack. Regardless, a Turkish Special Forces led raid has already tracked and detained Akhmed One-Arm, in Istanbul.

The reality of the situation, forty-four dead, two-hundred and thirty wounded, and one-hundred remain hospitalized as a result of the terrorist attack on Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. There is nothing quick and easy about this situation.

Other terrible people showed up with the headlines, Anna Nemtsova of The Daily Beast attempted to lay blame on Ukraine, and later changed her report to Georgia, still wrong. The Mainstream Media also forgot to mention or speculate on reports from Turkey, a nation in question thanks to Turkish President Erdogan who has silenced freedom of speech and the freedom of the press in Turkey, under Turkish law, Article 299/301. Erdogan also seeks to punish those abroad who criticize him – Come get me, toolbag.



Akhmed One-Arm was detained following a series of raids executed by Turkish Special Forces on known Daesh (ISIS) collaborators and sympathizers in what is being described as the ‘Asian and European sides of the city,’ of Istanbul. To put that into perspective, Istanbul, is divided in two by the Bosphorus Strait, which halves, the city geographically, to European and Asian (Anadolu). There are also two airports, Ataturk, the airport that was attacked is on the European side and Sabiha Gokcen is on the Asian side. The reports could have simply stated, across Istanbul . . .

Turkish Special Forces raids were simultaneously conducted in the city of Izmir. 480 miles South of Istanbul on the center tip of the Turkish Peninsula into the Mediterranean Sea. The raids netted 22 total bad-guys, and four of them were foreign nationals, including Akhmed One-Arm. The targeted locations of the raids were said to have been under surveillance by Turkish intelligence and security services prior to the terrorist attack on the Ataturk Airport.


More Meat Puppet than Mastermind

Akhmed One-Arm is not a genius or talented man, he is just a terrorist and a man – nothing more. Lest we forget, that it is typically easier to do the wrong thing than the right thing. In-fact, Akhmed One-Arm is still only suspected as being the commander of the attacks and that does not establish him as having even planned the operation. We should give these terrorists no clout, no respect, and no quarter . . .

Personally I refuse to use the phrase “Islamic State,” or any form of it because it and/or they are not a State, they are Daesh – ‘to crush or trample underfoot.’  Pay no homage to the titles and claims terrorists use to propagate themselves or the media uses to scare you into giving them ratings.

Aside from the misleading reports, alongside Akhmed One-Arm in the terrorist’s video press release for the attack and the featured image is, Walid Shishani Islam Seit-Umarovich Atabiyev, a.k.a. Abu Jihad Abu Bakr, another Russian citizen. ‘Mr. Jihad,’ is from the North Caucasus, Russian Republic of Dagestan, which is the same region Boston Bombers,  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, are from and visited seeking ties to the group Caucasus Emirate; prior to their 2013 terrorist attack on America. Abu Jihad left Dagestan to “study” in Egypt before resurfacing again amidst the early 2011 turmoil in Syria.


An Idiot Abroad

The road from Chechnya is littered with Jihadi terrorism, misguided aid organizations, and atrocious Russian warfare tactics. The Chechen Republic is a federal subject of Russia, a republic of loosely organized clans, or Taips with a history that has been littered with warfare. Most recently Chechen warfare has focused on Russia.

In Chechnya, the fighting has not always been steady and a need to forge new alliances for supplies and training for up and coming terrorists is in high demand. Thus began the export of the Chechen Mercenary and they have been globally active in AfghanistanIraqSyria, Turkey, Ukraine, and anywhere else a war is on and they can get to.

Even so, Akhmed One-Arm made himself exceptionally famous – the makings of a boisterous flim-flam man, the idea terrorist. After all, terrorism is all about terror and striking fear, the best terrorists are advertisers, marketers, salespeople, and so on. Terrorism is all about showmanship and doing a lot with a little, and if you’re worried about these grimy-armed used car salesmen, then they are doing their job well.

Albeit, Akhmed One-Arm did cut his teeth under the banner of Islamist Jihadi insurgency in the Second Chechen War before getting himself captured by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The details of his capture and release are murky, at best but at some point around his detention he lost the lower-half of his right arm. The rumor has it that he lost it fighting, or as Akhmed One-Arm claims, ‘being tortured by Russian soldiers while in captivity.’ Although, my personal favorite rumor is that Akhmed One-Arm self-inflicted the amputation to avoid extradition to Russia.

One-armed ISIS commander eyed as mastermind of Istanbul massacre

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The last rumor is also the most feasible because Akhmed One-Arm was released from detention by Russian forces and did so by gaming the system of international aid and relief workers. Akhmed One-Arm had somehow convinced Amnesty International that he should not be extradited to Russia. Amnesty International followed his lead and provided him with the documentation and direction to be released to Austria; at first as a refugee in 2001, and shortly after as passport bearing citizen of Austria by 2003.

In Austria, he abused his status and hustled the system to provide money and material support such as military grade equipment and uniform to Chechen terrorist. By 2007 he earned himself a listing on the United Nations and United States of America terror listing, but then stepped up his evil shenanigans and moved into arms dealing. Albeit, a year later he was behind bars in Sweden for carrying Kalashnikov assault rifles, explosives, and ammunition in his car. Nevertheless, Swedish officials somehow released him after a year in detention.

Shortly thereafter he traveled to Ukraine where he was again detained, this time, he was arrested at the request of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB.) Ukrainian officials found files containing explosives and demolitions instructions and photos of people killed in a blast on his mobile phone. Despite this, Akhmed One-Arm knows the system and played the Amnesty International and European Court for Human Rights card . . . Thus again, evading justice and an extradition to Russia, and was instead sent to Georgia.

In 2012, he was back to earning a name for himself as a professional sack of crap within the borders of Georgia. The Lopota Incident, known in Georgia as “The special operation against an illegal armed group in Lopota.” In which, Georgian Special Forces moved against a terrorist organization that  composed of seventeen Russian Islamist insurgents from Dagestan who had taken hostages. The raid was ugly, with eleven terrorists killed and six wounded at the cost of the lives of three Georgian Special Forces soldiers, and five more wounded. Akhmed One-Arm who was supposed to be living with his relatives in Georgia at the time was on the scene and with the terrorists.  Still, One-Arm weaseled his way out of trouble again by protesting innocence and claiming to be a negotiator. Georgia sent him back to Austria.

Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Georgia released this statement on ‘Akhmed One-Arm,’ Ahmed Chataev, a.k.a. Akhmed al-Shishkani,

Russian national Akhmed Chataev is reportedly the main organizer of the Istanbul airport terrorist attack. He was arrested by my government in Georgia in a counter-terrorist operation led by general Giorgi Lortkipanidze, presently the Head of the Odessa Police. Three members of our security forces were killed in that operation. After the change of government in 2012, the new Georgian government, led by Russian oligarch Ivanishvili, promptly freed him, as many of the new government leaders proclaimed him as a political prisoner. I was still a President and strongly objected against his release, but was overruled by the Prosecutor’s office. Now he is at large after allegedly killing so many innocent people. My ten-year-old son traveled through that terminal on the eve of the attack, so I feel a vivid solidarity for the victims of this merciless killings. Does the Government of Georgia feel the same?


After a short layover in Austria, Akhmed One-Arm slipped into Bulgaria and was detained by the Bulgarian authorities on the Turkish border. Bulgarian officials moved swiftly and extradited him to Russia. Yet, Akhmed One-Arm appealed, and a court ordered his release under Geneva Refugee Convention. The bad guy got away again, as he escaped extradition and punishment to continue seeking fame and glory for terrorism.

Following the Bulgarian incident, it finally became clear to Akhmed One-Arm that Europe wasn’t working out for him and he opted to join Daesh in Syria.


Kremlin Propagandist Joined the Media Fray . . . From the American Side

Via Ukraine, Anna Nemtsova a Moscow-based journalist and Russian citizen for The Daily Beast released some conflicting and inflated articles that sought to lay blame for the Istanbul terrorist attack on Georgia and Ukraine. In spite of her efforts, the first article against Ukraine was rephrased, and reposted under the same link . . . Nevertheless her article then blamed Georgia. A look at her work clearly demonstrates a direct reflection of Moscow policy, and a complete disconnect with reality.


What the what? That’s a significant change. Via The Daily Beast.


Way to hire the 21st-Century,  Russian Federal Security Service (FSB,) Female version of Joseph Goebbels  – The Daily Beast . . . Wow. 


Fire Island for Terrorists – Daesh Controlled Iraq and Syria

In Syria, Akhmed One-Arm joined Daesh with open arms and found relative success  for a loudmouthed hustler. He was in the mix of  three Chechen battalions for Daesh . . . Don’t let the battalion phrasing misguided you, a Daesh battalion is composed of around 100 terrorists +/- as opposed to a U.S. battalion of 1,000 +/-. Remember, terrorists name things for the sake of terror.

As for these mislabeled battalions, the first is, Umar al-Shishani’s Katibat al-Aqsa, which fought in the Siege of Kobanî.

The second is Muwahiddeen battalion, led by another Chechen terrorist, Khattab al-Shishani. Al-Shishani is best known for his video role in a 2014, production in which he calls for terrorist reinforcements from the North Caucasus to join Daesh.

The third, was allegedly commanded by Akhmed One-Arm,’ Ahmed Chataev, a.k.a. Akhmed al-Shishkani, is the Yarmouk battalion.


This is a Mess and so is Turkey

The Turkish Prime Minister ordered a blanket media blackout in response to a Daesh (ISIS) bombing in February of this year. The terrorist bombing targeted military buses as they passed the Turkish parliament building in the capital city, Ankara.  Turkish Law No. 6112, allows the government to institute a temporary blackout to “protect public order or national security,” or as a mechanism of control – depending on how you value freedom over security.

Turkey has many problems, primarily the blind eye it turned to Daesh (ISIS,) in favor of disrupting Kurdish forces, until recently. The on-going European refugee crisis has also been exploited and manipulated by Turkey, as it has played for a favorable borders and trade deal with the European Union (EU.) Just as well, any reports from a nation who is maneuvering towards despotism and has shut down media outlets who oppose the state media should be questioned. There is also an extremely odd and the increasingly, relatively possible Turkish Deep State, which also brings matters unique onto itself across the ancient national landscape. Yet we all tolerate Turkey, primarily thanks to its strategic geographic location.

This terrorist attack has been shrouded with exploitation and sensationalism. Be that as it may, it is only one example of an unsurprising trend, as we’re shocked into believing that terrorism is some new thing . . . It’s millenniums old and active throughout history. Yet, money makes the audience, the product – reason is not on the horizon. We live with an understanding that considers P.T. Barnum a success for orchestrating ‘cons’ for attendance, and Thomas Edison a genius who primarily acquired ideas and manipulated the patent system. – Anyway, learning to look five meters beyond the moment, including one’s own influenced perspectives is the pathway to understanding. As opposed to, “That’s just how things are [done],” which is no way to go through life. Drop the emotional attachment/draw and map the larger picture. Or keep overreacting; it’s in the concept of eating right, practicing skills, and staying active versus living as a sloth.


Featured Image – Akhmed One-Arm and his life partner, Abu Jihad in a Daesh propaganda video – No usage rights given to terrorist.