Reports flooded the airwaves on the 1st of July, which declared a ‘manhunt’ for Russian citizen – Chechen national, ‘Akhmed One-Arm,’ Ahmed Chataev, a.k.a. Akhmed al-Shishkani. An advantageous media cited the terrorist to near a Bond villain-level mastermind and warlord capabilities, anyhow, he was just a terrible person and it’s not clear if he is just a big talker or actually has the IQ to have planned the terrorist attack. Regardless, a Turkish Special Forces led raid has already tracked and detained Akhmed One-Arm, in Istanbul.

The reality of the situation, forty-four dead, two-hundred and thirty wounded, and one-hundred remain hospitalized as a result of the terrorist attack on Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. There is nothing quick and easy about this situation.

Other terrible people showed up with the headlines, Anna Nemtsova of The Daily Beast attempted to lay blame on Ukraine, and later changed her report to Georgia, still wrong. The Mainstream Media also forgot to mention or speculate on reports from Turkey, a nation in question thanks to Turkish President Erdogan who has silenced freedom of speech and the freedom of the press in Turkey, under Turkish law, Article 299/301. Erdogan also seeks to punish those abroad who criticize him – Come get me, toolbag.