On Friday President Biden gave a much-publicized press conference on Afghanistan. Several of the president’s talking points are certainly worthy of discussion. And several were outright ridiculous adding to the damage to U.S. credibility.

First, the president spoke about how they have been no occasions in which American citizens cannot get to the airport. That statement doesn’t align with the images that are constantly being broadcasted on the news media. If the president’s statement is accurate, then why aren’t all Americans already at the Kabul airport and why were French and U.K. special operations troops going out in the city to help evacuate their personnel, including Americans?

But he did add that there are risks involved and that some losses are inevitable.

“Make no mistake. This evacuation mission is dangerous. It involves risks to armed forces and it’s being conducted under difficult circumstances,” President Biden said.  

“I cannot promise what the final outcome will be or what it will be, that it will be without risk of loss.”


Al-Qaeda Isn’t Gone From Afghanistan Despite President’s Claims

Yet, the biggest takeaway from the press briefing was when the president mentioned that the threat to Americans still in Kabul comes specifically from ISIS-K elements freed from prisons by the Taliban, while completely discounting the al-Qaeda threat. 

“We’re also keeping a close watch on any potential terrorist threat at or around the airport, including from the ISIS affiliates in Afghanistan who were released from prison when the prisons were empty and because they are by the way, and make everybody understand that the ISIS in Afghanistan have been the sworn enemy of Taliban,” the president said.