“Alive” is a documentary by award-winning director Stephanie Soechtig that focuses on five American soldiers, who were seriously injured during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Scheduled for general release on November 11 at 9:00 p.m. by Epix, the film is a fitting tribute to watch on Veterans Day. 

SOFREP was given an exclusive first look at the film by its producers, and it is a must-watch that should be on everyone’s Veterans Day programming.

The film recounts the lives of five injured US soldiers, who, upon returning home, found themselves in a downward spiral of despair, hopelessness, and frustration at their newfound physical limitations–a spiral that is very common among wounded warriors. 

But through their own perseverance they fought through the loss of limbs or sight and found ways to cope with their new physical realities. “Alive” tracks the journeys of these veterans, who turned to adaptive athletics to heal–both physically and emotionally–from their battle wounds.