Erwin is one of my closest friends and brings a fresh perspective to the world. He genuinely creates a welcoming atmosphere for the people around him. I’m glad I was able to do this interview with him and pick his brain. Keep an eye out for his book “CAB Hunter”; it’s going to be a best-seller worth reading. Here’s our quick conversation.

Kurt: What’s your full name and military background?

Erwin: Erwin Stran. I spent five years in the U.S. Army as an MP.

fuck isis

What made you want to fight the Islamic State?

Besides all the normal and reasonable answers, I wasn’t done fighting after my tour in 2009-2010 (not that I experienced any engagements on that tour). I thought, “Hey, I’m still young, Daesh are assholes, let’s go.”

What was it like volunteering and getting over to Kurdistan?

Freakishly easy, first of all. Granted, we had a contact prior to leaving who picked us up at the airport, but it was very strange that we could just show up in a country, then boom, we were on the front in two weeks. It was nerve-racking because you weren’t sure if you’d go to the base or a cage, but exciting for the same reason.