I had a chance to interview Scott McEwen, friend of Chris Kyle and co-author of American Sniper the book. Scott has told me that Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood have been incredible to work with and gone above and beyond to take care in making this movie and in how they’ve treated the Special Operations community. I’m personally a fan of Clint’s all the way back to the early western movies. This movie looks intense and SOFREP looks forward to providing more insider interviews leading up to the December release. -Brandon

Scott, thanks for the quick notice and interview. Can you tell SOFREP what prompted your initial relationship with Chris and ultimatley led to the original book behind the upcoming American Sniper movie?

I met and got to be buddies with Chris though another buddy of mine that used to be in the Teams as well.  We both had a mutual respect for the .300 Win Mag, Chris’ gun of choice in Iraq, and my favorite gun while growing up hunting big game in Oregon.  I came to know of Chris’ accomplishments, and convinced him that they should be recorded accurately as I felt they were historically important (and amazing). He agreed, the rest is history.

How was it working with Chris on the project/process?