As typical of Russian propaganda and so-called “fake news” we are told by state-sponsored active measures efforts like Russia Today that everything America does is imperialist, neo-colonialist, and needlessly provocative.  Watching RT is like listening to Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn get up to the podium at some lefty university event wearing a sweater with those leather patches on the elbows and deliver a four-hour sermon.  Meanwhile, we’re told that Russia is great and has never done anything wrong.  If anything, Russia is the victim of western imperialism!

What if I told you that an American and British train, advise, and assist program designed to render military aid helped Russia win a major war?  What if the Russians are profoundly embarrassed by this fact and spent decades trying to cover it up?  This is the story you won’t hear from propaganda mouth pieces and party stooges on Russia Today.  There was a time when the British and Americans rendered hundreds of billions of dollars worth of war material to Russia, vital aid that helped save their country.

The year is 1942.  The Soviet Union is fighting a dogged effort to beat back the Nazi war machine on their western front.  The battles were ferocious, and the Soviets paid for every inch of terrain with the blood of their soldiers.  In six months time, the Russians lost 20,000 tanks to the Germans.  What is not commonly known to the public (largely by design) is that at this time American sailors were braving U-boat infested waters to sail arctic convoys of war material to the Soviet Union through the Lend-Lease program.  Not all of them made it.

“In total, the U.S. deliveries through Lend-Lease amounted to $11 billion in materials: over 400,000 jeeps and trucks; 12,000 armored vehicles(including 7,000 tanks, about 1,386 of which were M3 Lees and 4,102 M4 Shermans); 11,400 aircraft (4,719 of which were Bell P-39 Airacobras) and 1.75 million tons of food,” according to wikipedia.