The man who held 17 people hostage for over 16 hours during the Martin Place siege in Sydney was not a terrorist. Man Haron Monis, or the ‘fake sheik’, was not a ‘real’ Muslim and did not have any links to radical Islamic groups. His actions on that Monday morning did not have any political overtones or an agenda influenced by an extremist religious ideology.

Well, that’s certainly what it appears the government, authorities, experts, and mainstream media want you to believe.

After watching live broadcasts of the event for over 16 hours, I lost count of the amount of times that news broadcasters, government representatives, and various other panel experts refused to admit that Monis’ actions were terroristic in nature, done in the name of extremist Islam. Time after time, expert opinion after expert opinion, government representative after government representative, audiences were explicitly told during the siege not to jump to any conclusions, as the gunman’s motivations were still unknown.

The very first images to be streamed live around the world were of hostages holding up a black Shahada flag in the café window which stated “There is no god but Allah; Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah.” The headband that the fake sheik was photographed wearing through the window translated into the war cry “We are ready to sacrifice for you, O Muhammad.”